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Big Brains Prep is accepting applications from students in every corner of the world. ESL support is fully integrated into the curriculum of EVERY non-AP class we offer. Each international student is assigned ESL support, as necessary, on a class-by-class basis, allowing ALL students to follow a rigorous course of study from their first day at Big Brains Prep. This unique structure eliminates wasted time spent in non-credit, non-productive English Support classes. Apply now to secure your spot.

Application Process:

Complete the Application:20

$100 application fee required. You may download the complete application here.

Complete application submitted after July 31, 2017, are subject to review by a rolling admissions process based on space availability.

Complete the Supplemental Forms:

  • Bank Verification: Complete the statement and have it certified by your bank/financial institute.
  • Student Questionnaire: Complete and return to BBP.
  • Transcript Release: Send to the school in which the student is currently enrolled, and to any other schools the student has attended in the past two years.

Submit a Writing Sample:

Submit one spontaneous and uncorrected English writing sample in your own handwriting on any topic.

Schedule and Complete a Visit or Interview:

Within three weeks of completed application, we require a personal/virtual interview as part of application. Please contact the Admissions office to make an appointment.

Submit ALL forms (in pdf format) to:
Subject: International Admissions

Application Confirmation:

We will send you an email receipt when your application is complete.

A final thought on admissions:

Admission to Big Brains Preparatory is competitive, but not limited to one measure. A committee comprised of faculty and administrators considers the following sources of information: the application, academic records, school visit/interview, and a student’s talents, character and leadership qualities. The Admissions Committee will consider multiple factors and determine the most suitable program for the applicant.


If you need assistance with any part of the application process, please contact the Admissions Coordinator.

Tricia Dela Cruz
Admissions Coordinator

Big Brains Preparatory

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